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Driveway Grading & Cutting

Looking for professional driveway grading and cutting services? Brock's Land Services specializes in finish grading to ensure your driveway is perfectly leveled and ready for paving.

Yard Leveling & Lot Clearing

Transform your outdoor space with our premium yard leveling and lot clearing services, making your property the perfect canvas for your homeowner dreams.

House Pads & Finish Grading

Prepare your property for construction with Brock's Land Services' top-quality house pad installation, ensuring a stable foundation for your new home.

About Us

About Brock's Land Services

We do our best to create a smooth path in life, aiming for stability at each step. Despite our efforts, we still encounter challenges and stumbles along the way.

At Brock’s Land Services, we specialize in at least providing you with some guarantee of sure footing when it comes to leveling your yard, prepping your driveway for concrete, grading your driveway, and installing your house pad. Give us the opportunity to provide you with peace of mind that you won’t have a pothole take you out in the yard or driveway. Let Brock’s Land Services provide you with the sure footing you are looking for!

Brock Leahy Owner
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Benefits of Professional Land Services

When it comes to landscaping or preparing your property for construction, there's no substitute for professional land services. At Brock's Land Services, we offer a variety of services including driveway grading, yard leveling, and house pad installation. Here's why choosing us is the smart decision for all your land service needs:

Whether you need driveway grading and cutting, finish grading, yard leveling, lot clearing, or house pad installation, we provide all these services under one roof. Our comprehensive services save you the hassle of working with multiple contractors.

We're committed to offering high-quality services at competitive prices. Not only will we beat most any price out there, but we'll also ensure the work is done to your complete satisfaction.

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